Richard Morris Hunt

With Lucie Levine

In the first month of the year, it seems fitting to look back at work of MAS’s first president, Richard Morris Hunt. Hunt, also the first American to study at L’Ecole de Beaux Arts was often referred to as “The Dean of American Architects.” His work in New York includes buildings as varied as the city’s earliest artist studios and its grandest gilded Aged Mansions; its most cherished institutions, and its workaday urban fabric. This tour will survey the New York City works of Richard Morris Hunt, and consider his legacy as an advocate for a beautiful, livable city.

All tours are Eastern Time and run about 60 to 90 minutes.

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Sunday, January 10
11:00 AM

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Richard Morris Hunt Memorial in Central Park
Richard Morris Hunt Memorial in Central Park, by the artist Daniel Chester French. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ad Meskens.