Roosevelt Island Street Furniture: Where Policy Meets our Bodies

Janes Walk


Led By Randy Plemel, Expedition Works

Municipalities are full of small bits of urban fabric which we almost never foreground, but are the manifestations of our public policy: street furniture. These bits of urbanity are the unsung heroes of city life. We’ll use Roosevelt Island—that mid-century island in the middle of the East River—on a walking tour to see the urban choices made at the scale of the person, and the building.

We'll be on public sidewalks and walking probably 1 mile on sidewalks.
Location Information

RSVP is required and capacity is limited. Meeting location, ending location, and directions will be provided via email before walk date.


Friday, May 6, 2022
11:00 AM
Greater than 1 hour

Borough: Manhattan
Theme: Art & Architecture
Language: English
Recycled plastic benches from the 1939 World's Fair on Roosevelt Island. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Tdorante10. Modifications: photo cropped.