Scavenger Hunt! See the future buildings of NYC in Augmented Reality

Janes Walk

Led By Dana Chermesh AND Ziv Schneider, inCitu

This is an on-demand walk. Below, click “access now” to download inCitu’s app and explore the future of NYC.

Look around you to see how NYC is changing!

inCitu is an NYC–based startup that brings city planning to life via Augmented Reality (AR) to empower residents, industry professionals, and policymakers to collaborate on the process of urban change.

Based on NYC planning and permits open data, we’ve generated a city–wide 3D layer of real proposed and upcoming structures to the city’s built environment. Thousands of projects made available to view at their future sites in Augmented Reality, anytime, simply using mobile phones. Hundreds of people are already viewing their changing streets in AR.

These new structures are about 1% of NYC’s built environment, and thanks to inCitu, every New Yorker can now see how their neighborhood is developing in an engaging and exciting way through their smartphone.

This Spring, we invite New Yorkers to go out and explore the future of NYC in Augmented Reality on a Scavenger Hunt — “Gotta catch ‘em all!”


As accessible as NYC streets are


On Demand

Borough: Multi-borough
Theme: Advocacy, Art & Architecture, Environment
Language: English
An "augmented reality" street scene. Photo: Incitu.