Seeking Mumford: Tales of Morningside Past

Janes Walk

Led By Dan McSweeney, W111th Street Block Association

This short walk was conducted in-person on March 18th. It is offered here as a self-guided tour of W111th Street, between Riverside Drive and Amsterdam Avenue. The walk focuses on the life and legacy of local landowner Gurdon Saltonstall Mumford (1764-1831), who began his career as a teenager by serving as private secretary to Benjamin Franklin in France during the Revolution. He went on to found and manage several successful businesses and became second president of the New York Stock Exchange. Along the way, he purchased a tract of land on Manhattan’s West Side, in what is now the area between 110th and 113th Streets. This short walk includes an overview of local history and shares themes about New York life over the centuries.


The walk will use normal Manhattan streets with wheelchair/stroller accessible corners. If done virtually, the presentation contains some small text, which can be enlarged on individual computers. The physical start-point of the walk is two blocks away from the 110th Street station of the Number 1 subway line and is near the uptown Broadway local bus service.


On Demand
Less than 1 hour

Borough: Manhattan
Theme: History & Culture
Language: English
Riverside Park in Spring. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Momos. Modifications: photo cropped.