South of Union Square: Birthplace of American Modernism

Janes Walk


Led By Anna Marcum AND Sarah Eccles, Village Preservation

The neighborhood South of Union Square played an integral role in the development of American art. From the social realist Fourteenth Street School of the 1930s to the abstract expressionists of the New York School postwar, the neighborhood saw and inspired it all. The tour will showcase the homes, studios, and important institutions related to these movements.

The walk will occur between 14th Street and 9th Street bounded by 5th Ave to the west and 3rd Ave to the east and last for about an hour requiring walking and standing throughout. There are a number of public transportation hubs along this walk.
Location Information

RSVP is required and capacity is limited. Meeting location, ending location, and directions will be provided via email before walk date.


Friday, May 6, 2022
6:00 PM
Less than 1 hour

Borough: Manhattan
Theme: Advocacy, Art & Architecture, History & Culture
Language: English
Manhattan's Union Square. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, chensiyuan. Modifications: photo cropped.