Recording: The Audubon Bird Murals Project: A Virtual Tour

Janes Walk

Led By Leigh Hallingby, Licensed NYC Tour Guide, Harlem Walks

Did you miss this walk activity? A recording is available here. The passcode is 9hB?&TB6

Audubon Mural Project is an impressive effort to create, in the Harlem neighborhood where John James Audubon lived the last decade of his life, murals of over 300 N. American birds. All the birds painted are threatened by climate change. So the Project is designed not only to display the birds’ beauty but also to make us aware of the challenges they face. The artworks range from small panels to spectacular murals covering the side of a building.

Virtually accessible, but not close captioned

On Demand
1-2 hours
On Social Media

Borough: Manhattan
Theme: Advocacy, Art & Architecture, Environment
Language: English
A Gang of Warblers, Leigh Hallingby.