The Greenwich Village of Buddy Holly & Jane Jacobs

They Have More in Common Than You Think

With Rick Cohen

What could Buddy Holly and Jane Jacobs have in common besides distinctive eyewear? Greenwich Village’s traditions of tolerance and creativity lured them 23 years apart, Jacobs at the beginning of her career and Holly for the final few months of his life. You’ll see where each of them lived steps from Washington Square Park. And you’ll learn how observing Village street life shaped Jacobs’s social theories as a writer and how she then became an organizer, playing David to Robert Moses’s Goliath in defeating his plans for roadways carving the park. Holly was newly wed, newly Cricketless, and on the verge of fatherhood when he eagerly sought out the Village’s clubs and restaurants for inspiration. His music was beginning to expand in new directions when he taped his final recordings in his apartment. Jacobs saved the Park; Holly savored the Village. See how the bright lights and big city shaped them.

Sunday, May 12
11:00 AM — 1:00 PM

Member: $20
Non-member: $30

Exterior of buildings on the Upper West Side
Photo: Rick Cohen for MAS.