Recording: The TriBeCa You Never Knew: A History of Contrast

Janes Walk

Led By Brett Edelstein AND Laurie Edelstein

Did you miss this walk activity? A recording is available here! The password is: 96zy2@Ex.

This Jane’s Walk activity is about how TriBeCa has gone from riches to rags to riches again. The walk activity illustrates the contrasting centuries with tidbits hiding in “plain view”. TriBeCa was the first residential neighborhood in the bucolic 18th Century. Residential Federal houses shockingly are still in-tact. The area became industrial becoming a Market and Dry-Goods District. In the 1970s, TriBeCa became an artists hub. Gentrification in TriBeCa began in the 1990s.

Saturday, May 8
6:00 PM
1-2 hours
On Zoom

Borough: Manhattan
Theme: Art & Architecture, History & Culture
Language: English