walking without direction

Janes Walk

Led By Adrienne Kapstein

‘walking without direction’ is a playful, interactive audio walk for listeners/participants of any age. Created in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, this walk is designed to be listened to anywhere, at any time, and in one’s own time. Only 9 and a half minutes in length, it celebrates listening as a multi-sensory and meditative experience, and asks the listener to – just for once – embrace detour instead of destination.

Participants are invited to photograph their feet at the destination they arrive at and upload it to Instagram #walkingwithoutdirection. As a solo experience and a global project, this collection of photos is a real-time record of the people and places explored during this individually, shared experience.

Each listener will need access to Instagram and headphones. There is also an option of experiencing it with visual prompts.

This walk is designed to be experienced by participants of all ages and abilities. The walk provides physical prompts and invitations to explore and be curious about one’s surroundings that are accessible to all abilities. Although designed as an audio experience, there is a second iteration of the walk included on the #walkingwithoutdirection Instagram platform that offers visual prompts for participants who are deaf/hard of hearing.

On Demand
Less than 30 minutes

Borough: Multi-borough
Theme: Environment
Language: English
Brooklyn's Prospect Park in summer. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Epicgenius. Modifications: photo cropped.