Action Alert: We Need Public Space Leadership

Join us in calling for an Office of the Public Realm

November 30, 2022

Unlike many other major cities, New York lacks a central government position for planning and maintaining the public realm. The creation of an Office of the Public Realm can improve coordination of the agencies responsible for managing public spaces.

The Office of the Public Realm would streamline and reduce the bureaucracy that occurs with multiple agencies managing our public realm. This office will work with city agencies to improve the coordination and oversight of public spaces, innovatively connecting people and the places to promote an equitable and thriving city.

We can’t afford to tackle the problems within the public realm one-by-one. The City Council has introduced new bills targeted at solving specific problems with transportation, sanitation, public plazas, and other key aspects of the public realm, but these issues don’t get to the larger concern.  We need a coordinated, holistic strategy. We need leadership.

Use the OneClickPolitics module below to automatically email City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and your local Council Member urging them that New York City needs an Office of the Public Realm. 


Rendering of NYC Open Streets. Photo: Flickr, The Commons, New York City Department of Transportation. Modifications: photo cropped.