City & Developers to Appeal 200 Amsterdam Ruling

Lawsuit will proceed to the Appellate Division of the NYS Supreme Court

March 3, 2020

On Tuesday, March 3, the City and developers behind 200 Amsterdam Avenue filed motions to appeal in our case against the building’s gerrymandered zoning lot. On February 13, New York State Supreme Court Justice W. Franc Perry issued a decision in the case, in which he sided with MAS and co-plaintiffs CFESD and ordered the demolition of nearly half of the building.

The filings of the appeals follow yesterday’s release by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) of a bulletin clarifying that a newly formed zoning lot may not consist of parts of tax lots. The merger of partial tax lots is the topic at stake in MAS’s Article 78 lawsuit against 200 Amsterdam Avenue, in which we argued that the building’s 39-sided lot is in violation of zoning and should never have been approved by DOB.

Statement from MAS President Elizabeth Goldstein

“The merger of partial tax lots is and always has been a direct violation of the Zoning Resolution. It is not enough to ban this deceptive practice going forward, the developers of 200 Amsterdam Avenue must be held accountable for violating City regulations and continuing to build in the face of abundant evidence that their zoning lot was illegal. That is what Justice Perry ordered in his decision and we intend to proceed with the case.”

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