Rockefeller Center Improvements Welcome, Overall

Testimony to the Landmarks Preservation Commission

December 10, 2019

MAS generally supports the public realm improvements at Rockefeller Center, an Art Deco-style complex designed by The Associated Architects in c. 1932.

We find the glass block replacement at the Channel gardens to be appropriate. Moving the Credo monument and alterations to the stair configuration will improve circulation to the Sunken Plaza. We welcome the return of Youth and Maiden to their original positions beside Prometheus. Due to the existing condition of irregular openings in the Sunken Plaza, we are comfortable with the uniformly raised datum. We find the proposed changes to paving at both the plaza and street bed to be an overall improvement.

We do, however, have some concerns about the treatment of the new stair and elevator entrances. We feel that the modern day insertions should be cohesive, with particular regard to the glazing. We ask that the Commission staff work with the applicant to achieve a consistent approach.

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skaters at the ice rink in Rockefeller Center
The ice rink at Rockefeller Center. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Marc Ruaix. Modifications: photo cropped.

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