Adaptive Reuse of Manhattan Churches

With James Russiello

[Virtual tour] Revisit classic landmark reuses of religious buildings and learn the stories behind their original history and the new design. Discover overlooked examples, and weigh whether repeated change of use may undermine the building’s imbued authoritative character in its efforts to preserve the building. Join historic preservationist James Russiello on a virtual tour on the religious buildings throughout the borough that lived to see another use and another day. Learn about the context of their construction, subsequent history, reuse process, design, and the factors that went into their conversions, as well as their ultimate fates. And hear about the notable individuals who through their tenancy contributed and shaped the significance of the churches and their surroundings.

For all tours, there are no refunds, cancellations, or exchanges unless we cancel a tour. Online registration closes one hour prior to the tour start time.

Thursday, December 15
6:00 PM

Virtual Tour

Member: $15
Non-member: $25

Gym treadmills at a converted church. Photo: James Russiello. Modifications: photo cropped.