Fighting Fire with Good Architecture: Brooklyn’s Firehouses

With Suzanne Spellen

[Virtual Tour] Civic and utilitarian buildings such as fire houses and police stations are often overlooked in the appreciation of Brooklyn’s fine architecture. But Brooklyn’s late 19th century leaders knew that a great city needs its civic buildings to reflect that city’s importance and wealth. So, they commissioned many of the same architects who designed the mansions, row houses and club buildings that lined the streets to create fine firehouses and police precinct houses that were both practical and beautiful. Our virtual tour looks at those firehouses, many of which are today treasured city landmarks. We’ll explore the architecture and the creators, as well as the practical operations of running the fire department in their day. We’ll also look at how modern technology has changed how the buildings operate and look at some of the new firehouses and see how they compare.

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Thursday, February 9
6:00 PM

Virtual Tour

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Detail on a firehouse in Brooklyn. Photo: Suzanne Spellen.