Presidential New York

With James Russiello

[Virtual tour] “The room where it happened” may be long gone, along with the city’s status as the capital of the nation, but with 46 presidents and counting, New York still has relics galore associated with the cult of U.S. presidents, their kin, and office hopefuls. Join historian James Russiello on a virtual pilgrimage around the city hunting down the famous, infamous, and just plain odd sites of birth, worship, death, and burial, from their college apartments, retirement nests, offices, campaign headquarters to heartbreak and victory. Test your knowledge of presidential sites and cast your vote on what’s the most surprising: inauguration sites of #1 and #21, former internment site of #4, the relocated kitchen backsplash of the wife of #32, the wedding site of #10, or the site of where the daughter of #37 married the grandson of #34, which was also where #45 married wife #1 and met wife #2.

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Thursday, February 16
6:00 PM

Virtual Tour

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One of William Andrew Mackay's Theodore Roosevelt murals at the American Museum of Natural History. Photo: James Russiello.