Rockefeller New York

Tracing the lives of the Rockefeller Family

With Francis Morrone

In the 50s just west of Fifth Avenue may be glimpsed aspects of the lives of members of what is to date, and by far, the richest family in American history (sorry, Gates, Buffett, et al., don’t come close). John D. Rockefeller and his son, John D. Jr., lived on 54th. John D.’s grandson Nelson grew up and died on 54th. His mother, Abby, was one of the three women who founded the Museum of Modern Art, built on Rockefeller-donated land on 53rd and 54th. John D. Jr.’s architectural taste was sharpened by his experience of St. Thomas Church, practically in his backyard, and led to Riverside Church, Rockefeller Memorial Chapel (in Chicago), and the Cloisters.

And of course there is Rockefeller Center, where your guide Francis Morrone led his first MAS tour longer ago than he dares to admit. We will explore some of the Center’s nooks and crannies as we try to understand how and why it came into being. This winter tour affords numerous opportunities for indoor stops.

Sunday, February 11
2:00 PM

Member: $20
Non-member: $30