The Rise and Fall of the Vanderbilt Mansions along Fifth Avenue

An Aristocratic History

With Jason Stein

Rediscover the Vanderbilt mansions along Fifth Avenue, their place in society and how they all fell from grace. The Vanderbilts were once one of the richest families in the United States. What happened to all their money, and their mansions along Fifth Avenue? This tour is a walk back in time where we’ll discover how the Vanderbilts lived during the Gilded Age and beyond. We’ll look at how they came to be the dominant family in high society and then how they struggled to maintain their extravagant lifestyle. After all, living a luxurious life as the “head of society” is a stressful position. You start with your home.
What role did the Vanderbilt women have in running their mansions? How many servants does it take to run a Vanderbilt mansion along Fifth Avenue? How many dinner parties does it take to make a Vanderbilt wife happy? How important is it to be THE MRS. VANDERBILT (and who cares anyway)? What happened to all the stuff inside the mansions? We will discuss this and more!

Saturday, August 24
11:00 AM — 1:00 PM

Member: $20
Non-member: $30

archival photo of the Cornelius Vanderbilt II House
The Cornelius Vanderbilt II House at 1 West 57th Street in Manhattan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Library of Congress. Modifications: photo cropped.