Urbanists Present: An Exploration of Capital Projects at Prospect Park

Join MAS for a guided exploration of a selection of capital projects at Prospect Park, led by the Prospect Park Alliance (PPA). This event will feature the restored Endale Arch, a MASterworks Award winner in 2021, the new entrances to Prospect Park on Flatbush Avenue, and the Concert Grove Pavilion. We will be led by Alden Maddry, Senior Architect at PPA, and Svetlana Ragulina, Senior Landscape Architect at PPA. This event is curated by the Urbanists, an early to mid-career membership group at MAS. Priority registration is offered to MAS Urbanist members. Following the exploration will be a short happy hour with refreshments and light bites.

Please be prepared to wear walking shoes/attire and to walk approximately one mile over mostly flat and paved terrain.

Wednesday, September 28
6:00 PM — 7:30 PM

Prospect Park


  • Endale Arch. Exterior view of Endale Arch AFTER restoration. Photo: Paul Martinka.
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  • Interior view of Endale Arch BEFORE restoration. Photo: Paul Martinka.
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  • View of cross vault with original wood paneling. Photo: Paul Martinka.
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  • View of cross vault with granite wall and brick reveal. Photo: Paul Martinka.
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  • Evening view looking North with lights on. Photo: Paul Martinka.
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  • Detail of original trefoil after restoration. Photo: Paul Martinka.
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  • Lithograph from 1867 Annual Report. Illustration: Prospect Park Alliance.
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About Prospect Park Alliance

Prospect Park Alliance is the non-profit organization that sustains “Brooklyn’s Backyard,” working in partnership with the City of New York. The Alliance was founded in 1987 to help restore Prospect Park after a long period of deterioration and decline. Today, the Alliance provides critical staff and resources that keep the park green and vibrant for the diverse communities that call Brooklyn home. The Alliance cares for the woodlands and natural areas, restores the park’s buildings and landscapes, creates innovative park destinations, and provides free or low-cost volunteer, education and recreation programs.

Today, Prospect Park is an international model for the care of urban parks, and one of the premier green spaces in the United States.

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About the Urbanists

MAS Urbanists are early to mid-career professionals dedicated to discovering the city, understanding its complexities, and helping make New York a better place for all.

Urbanist members are united by a shared passion to uplift the voices of all New Yorkers and create a more livable urban environment—from sidewalk to skyline. The Urbanist program was founded in 2000 with the goal of attracting civic-minded young-people and cultivating future leaders to advance MAS’s mission.

Architecture critic Paul Goldberger once referred to MAS as “the very protector of the public interest” and the “conscience” of New York City. Urbanists are young ambassadors of MAS’s more than 125 year legacy of indispensable advocacy for the city and its citizens. We help ensure the next century of impact.

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