Tell Governor Cuomo to Protect City Parks

The Governor is expected to decide this week whether to sign these bills, which would set a dangerous precedent for the alienation of parkland city-wide.

October 18, 2017

In August, The Municipal Art Society of New York sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo urging him to veto two bills that would strip an East Harlem park of its legal protections and pave the way for it to be redeveloped as a 68-story residential tower.

a map of jointly-owned playgrounds in New York City
There are more than 260 parks classified as jointly operated playgrounds around the five boroughs.

MAS is grateful to our colleagues at the Trust for Public Land, New Yorkers for Parks, and Carnegie Hill Neighbors for helping to raise the alarm about these bills and their potential impact.

Here’s What You Can Do

Call Governor Cuomo’s Office Today

(518) 474-8390
When prompted, press (1) to leave a message

Talking points:

  • I urge Governor Cuomo to veto S.6721 and A.8419, two bills that significantly undermine New York State’s rigorous park alienation rules.
  • Removing the protections for East Harlem’s Marx Brothers Playground would dispossess a community that is already underserved by open space and set a dangerous precedent for parks city-wide.
  • I hope you will reject this effort to pit housing and open space against one another.
  • New York is expected to grow by more than 500,000 residents in the next twenty years—to be a healthy, thriving city, we need more parkland and more housing.

 Help Us Spread the Word

Use social media, email, and good old conversation to tell your neighbors, friends, family, and colleagues that this is happening. It’s not too late to have our voices heard.

children play on the shore near the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo: Giles Ashford.

MAS is proud to fight alongside you for a city where growth is balanced and character endures.