Art Deco in the Fabulous 50s

A feast of New York's finest midtown Art Deco architecture

With Anthony W. Robins

This walk begins with a cluster of modernistic residences ranging from River House to Southgate apartments to the former Panhellenic Tower. It then pushes westward into the commercial heart of Midtown with visits to the spectacular General Electric Building and the Waldorf-Astoria, before ending at Midtown’s miraculously urbane urban wonderland: Rockefeller Center. Mr. Robins is the author of “New York Art Deco: A Guide to Gotham’s Jazz Age Architecture,” and was honored last year by the Guides Association of New York City with their Guiding Spirit award.

Sunday, March 4
2:00 PM — 4:00 PM

Member: $20
Non-member: $30