A Stormy, Soaring Jane’s Walk Weekend

A little rain couldn't slow us down!

May 9, 2019

Last weekend, thousands of New Yorkers grabbed umbrellas and took to the streets in celebration of Jane Jacobs and the city we love. From Tottenville to Woodlawn, Coney Island to Riverside, this year’s festival offered more walks than ever before.

On behalf of all of us at MAS, thank you for making this year’s Jane’s Walk weekend one of the best yet! We hope the experience inspired you to lead your own walk next year. On that note, mark your calendars for May 1-3: Jane’s Walk 2020 will be here before you know it!

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  • group photo of walkers
    Jane's Walk 2019, Crow Hill to Crown Heights, Black History in Central Brooklyn, Photo Credit: Tara Kelly for MAS.
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  • Brooklyn Twilight. Photo: Samantha Nandez. Modifications: photo cropped.
    photo 2 of 7
  • walkers in front of mural
    Jane's Walk 2019, Street Art, Photo Credit: Vladimir Weinstein for MAS.
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  • group at Naval Cemetery
    Jane's Walk 2019, Naval Cemetery Landscape, Photo Credit: Vladimir Weinstein for MAS.
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  • group outside Domino Refinery
    Jane's Walk 2019, Domino Refinery, Photo Credit: Vladimir Weinstein for MAS.
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  • walkers in garden
    Jane's Walk 2019, Historic Sunnyside Gardens, Photo Credit: Vladimir Weinstein for MAS.
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  • dogs run on the grass in park
    Jane's Walk 2019, Jane's Dog Walk, Photo Credit: Samantha Nandez for MAS.
    photo 7 of 7