Action Alert: State Budget Bill Threatens NYC Neighborhoods

Albany Seeks to Repeal Residential FAR Cap

March 15, 2018

On March 14, MAS learned that the New York State Senate majority conference included language in their budget resolution that would remove the FAR cap for residential development in New York City, which would lead to dramatic citywide increases in bulk and density without sufficient public review.

This repeal would be one of the most significant changes in zoning in more than 50 years, and it is being pushed through the State legislature with little consideration of its impacts. Contrary to the assertions being made, the Municipal Art Society of New York has identified glaring flaws in the zoning resolution and public review process that need to be corrected before the FAR cap can be lifted. Read more about the loopholes developers use to skirt the zoning code in our Accidental Skyline initiative.

The New York State Assembly’s budget resolution does not include this dangerous proposal, but the leadership of both houses and the Governor are now beginning negotiations on a single unified State budget, which is expected to be adopted before April 1. We need to ensure that our representatives in the State Assembly continue fighting on behalf of New York City’s neighborhoods.

You can make a difference. In June 2016, MAS members and friends banded together on this issue and convinced the State legislature to withdraw a similar bill that was being rushed into law in the final hours of the legislative session.

You did it once, and now we need your help again. Use the form below to automatically send a message to the Assembly leadership and your local Assembly Member urging them to stand strong on behalf of New York City. 

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