President’s Letter: April 2023

Monthly observations and insights from MAS President Elizabeth Goldstein

April 28, 2023

What do the Major Deegan, the New York City water system, Green-Wood Cemetery, and historic women have in common?  They are all the subjects of Jane’s Walk tours this year!

I am always up for exploring the city, as regular readers of this column know, but it is especially poignant to do so surrounded by fellow New Yorkers, all of us gathered together out of love or concern for some aspect of our city. I always look forward to Jane’s Walk weekend, but I am particularly excited this year. Our roster is loaded with walks on meaty topics facing the city—from casinos to culture, from gentrification to the Gowanus Canal, and many plain, old, fun ones on punk rock and playgrounds.

One of the more playful tours we have on our roster is “Walking without Direction,” which can be done at any time.  The walk is organized from the viewpoint of a child walking along with you.  Charming and thought-provoking, it turns your mind to all of your senses as you walk.  Give it a try whenever you are out and about with your phone, your earbuds, and nine minutes to spare.  It will make your walk to the subway so much better!

The Jane’s Walk festival will take place this coming weekend, Friday, May 5, through Sunday, May 7. There are more than 165 walks on the roster, some just a few minutes long and some stretching up to four hours, but the majority are an hour or two.  Most of this year’s walks are in-person but we also have virtual and on-demand offerings available.

If you are reading this from somewhere other than New York City (REALLY?!), see if there is a Jane’s Walk in your city this weekend. It is a global festival with more than 500 cities participating around the world.  Now of course, New York’s is the biggest (and I think the best!) But wherever you are it is a fabulous way to explore some corner of YOUR world that you haven’t given any love to recently.  So please take a walk on us for and in the city you call home!

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Elizabeth Goldstein
President, Municipal Art Society of New York

Explore Jane’s Walk 2023

  • group photo of walkers
    Jane's Walk 2019, Crow Hill to Crown Heights, Black History in Central Brooklyn, Photo Credit: Tara Kelly for MAS.
    photo 1 of 4
  • group at Naval Cemetery
    Jane's Walk 2019, Naval Cemetery Landscape, Photo Credit: Vladimir Weinstein for MAS.
    photo 2 of 4
  • leader and walkers on a Jane's Walk
    Second Place: 2019 Jane's Walk "The Funky East Village," photo by Joel Guevara.
    photo 3 of 4
  • Young woman on Jane's Walk
    First Place: 2019 Jane's Walk "The New Lots Regeneration," photo by Robin Michals.
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