SITE X SITE: A Look Back at Soft Site Development in New York City

An unprecedented citywide exploration

March 21, 2023

SITE x SITE is an unprecedented citywide exploration by the Municipal Art Society and Regional Plan Association of how soft sites have been developed over time. Soft sites are sites identified and evaluated in the City’s Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) process where development is likely to happen following the approval of a neighborhood rezoning or large-scale development. A reliable soft site analysis is critical to a comprehensive analysis of the full effect a rezoning may have on a neighborhood, particularly when it comes to public schools, transit, traffic, open space, socioeconomics, and other important factors. Please explore SITE x SITE’s user-friendly mapping tool that shows soft site development throughout the city and in relation to many regulatory and land use factors. Additionally, a two-page project brief summarizing the report is also available.

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  • A Look Back at Soft Site Development in New York City is a report published by MAS and RPA, March, 2023.
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  • An overview of case studies in the report (left) and a map of developed soft sites within the five boroughs (right).
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  • The report uses a four-part methodology.
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