Governor Cuomo Announces Empire Station Complex

January 6, 2020

This morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a proposal to create the Empire Station Complex, a 21st century transit hub on Manhattan’s West Side that will expand track capacity at Penn Station and further integrate it with the new Moynihan Station. MAS released the following statement in response:

Statement by Elizabeth Goldstein, President of the Municipal Art Society of New York:

“MAS commends Governor Cuomo for today’s announcement regarding the Empire Station Complex. Penn Station is the busiest transit hub in the Western Hemisphere and has operated dangerously over capacity for years. Adding new track space is the only realistic way to meet growing ridership demands and provide the flex capacity necessary to conduct much-needed repairs on the existing tracks and platforms. We look forward to the proposed masterplan for the station and adjacent subways, as well as a re-envisioned above ground district. This announcement is an important step toward delivering a great transit hub worthy of our great city.”

For further comment, contact Meaghan Baron, (212) 935-3960

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The train departure board at Pennsylvania Station in New York City. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Alan Turkus.
The train departure board at Pennsylvania Station. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Alan Turkus.

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